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Alenia Delivers Final C-27J to Italian Air Force

Today, at its Caselle South facility, Alenia Aeronautica completed deliveries to the Italian Air Force (AMI) with the delivery of the twelfth C-27J. The aircraft was delivered to the 46th Air Wing based in Pisa.

Today’s ceremony completes the deliveries of aircraft that began in January 2007.

The AMI C-27Js include an advanced and sophisticated configuration that, in addition to the basic configuration, includes an in-flight refuelling system, self-protection and a flight-data-projection system on two head-up-displays, one per each pilot, to be able to operate also in the most complex operational scenarios.

Alenia’s contract with the AMI includes Logistics Support at the Pisa base until the beginning of 2012 and the delivery of a Flight Simulator for the AMI Training Centre at Pisa in December 2009.

The C-27sJ replace the AMI fleet of G.222s, from which they have inherited capability and excellent operating performances displayed in operations both in Italy and overseas for the transport of troops and materials, civilian protection, airdrop of cargo and paratroopers, fire fighting, and search and rescue.

Combat proven, the C-27J has been deployed to Afghanistan by the Italian Air Force from September 2008-January 2009 in support of coalition military and humanitarian operations. The C-27J fleet of the AMI has accrued over 5,000 flight hours, a milestone celebrated at the military base of Pisa this past May 19th.

The “numbers” of the C-27J are excellent: The C-27J is able to take-off from and land on unprepared strips, shorter than 2,000 ft with a maximum take-off weight of 67,241 lbs; the aircraft can transport up to 68 troops or up to 46 fully equipped paratroopers plus two loadmasters and, in MEDEVAC/CASEVAC configuration, 36 stretchers plus six medical assistants.

The large cargo cross section (8.5 feet in height and 10.8 feet in width) together with the high floor strength (cargo capacity of over 3,320 lbs/ft), allow for the transport of heavy military equipment.

The C-27J it is the only aircraft of its class offering interoperability with heavier airlifters in service with other NATO air forces, also thanks to its large cabin cross section, allowing the transport of NATO-standard pallets.

The C-27J is a twin-engine turboprop tactical transport aircraft with state-of-the-art technology, avionics, propulsion and systems. It demonstrates superior performance over its competitors in all weather conditions, cost effectiveness, extreme operating flexibility.

The C-27J is equipped with powerful engines (two Rolls Royce AE2100-D2 rated at 4,650 SHP power) and an advanced avionics system designed for integral mission security and reliability with significant system redundancy. This permits the aircraft to operate in any weather condition and in any operational environment, the excellent design and performance of these systems results in a low workload for the pilots.

The C-27J is designed, developed and tested as a true military aircraft using military standards to produce a robust, safe and performing aircraft, and has obtained Military Qualification Certificate. At the same time the C-27J is airworthy to civil standards, as witnessed by its certification from the Civil Aviation Authority.

The C-27J has been ordered by the Italian, Greek, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Romanian, Moroccan Air Forces, by the United States’ Army and Air Force for a total of 121 planes, and it has been selected by Slovakia’s Air Force.


Alenia Aeronautica Completes the Deliveries of the C-27Js to the Italian Air Force with the 12th Aircraft Delivered