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ADI Welcomes Bushmaster Compromise (July 1)

ADI Limited has welcomed the decision by the Department of Defence to proceed with the purchase of ADI's Bendigo produced Bushmaster infantry mobility vehicle.

"The decision will ensure Australia continues to benefit from domestic production of world leading military and specialist vehicles and that is a very good outcome for our Bendigo employees and the Bendigo economy," ADI managing director, Mr Jean-Georges Malcor said.

"We are very pleased that we have the go-ahead to supply Bushmaster to the Army. ADI and the Defence Department, in particular the project office, the Defence Materiel Organisation and Army have worked closely to secure this successful outcome.

"We are confident of producing a vehicle that will meet the Australian Army's reliability testing requirements and will prove to be an export winner for Australia.

"There has already been some initial overseas interest in Bushmaster, particularly since it demonstrated its capabilities with the Australian Defence Force in East Timor.

"We welcome Army's support for the vehicle. We also appreciate public comments made by the Minister for Defence, Senator Robert Hill that the Bushmaster would provide Defence with the capability to transport troops over large areas of operation and that it had the potential to be used in peacekeeping operations.

"ADI's military and specialist vehicles business in Bendigo has been built on Defence's support for an indigenous defence industry. It has seen the design and development in Australia of ADI's high mobility engineering vehicle, a vehicle in service with the Australian Army, purchased by the US Army and under evaluation in Canada and the United Arab Emirates.

"The Bushmaster also is a reflection of Australian design, development and manufacturing capabilities."

Bushmaster provides high-speed, armoured mobility for up to 10 fully equipped troops. It offers excellent cross-country mobility and superior protection for its occupants against land mines, mortars and small arms ammunition.

Comfort and protection are key features of the vehicle. Bushmaster is airconditioned, allows situation awareness and has ergonomically designed seating to ensure troops arrive at operational destinations at peak capacity.

Bushmaster Decision Underwrites Australian Military Vehicle Production