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Alvis Shows Upgraded FV430 Demonstrator(July 3)

The FV430 vehicle has been the workhorse of British Army mechanised units since it entered service in 1962. The vehicle fulfils many varied roles in and around the battlefield and over 1000 vehicles remain in active service. It is likely that several hundred FV430s will still be deployed on operations 50 years after the type was introduced. While the basic characteristics of the vehicle, excellent mobility and high useable internal volume under armour, are as important today as they were in the 1960s, supporting the vehicle has become increasingly expensive.

The Light Armoured Systems Integrated Project Team (from the MoD's Defence Logistics Organisation) and Alvis Vehicles Limited (the original equipment manufacturer) are working together to address the issues of increasing obsolescence in key components. One result of this joint effort is the FV430 Systems Demonstrator, which offers levels of reliability and availability that match those of modern armoured vehicles, at the fraction of the cost of a new system.

Alvis is a World leader in offering this type of vehicle up-grade package, the successful dieselisation of the UK MoD's CVR(T) fleet, together with other CVR(T) fleet upgrades in Oman, Jordan and Brunei, are similar projects to that envisioned for the FV430 fleet.

The FV430 demonstrator has been produced as a private venture, led by Alvis Vehicles Ltd, supported by Allison Transmissions and the Cummins Engine Company Ltd. The existing K60 diesel engine, TX200 transmission and steering unit have been replaced by a modern EURO II 6 cylinder turbo diesel, delivering 250 bhp, through a state of the art electronic Allison X200-4C transmission.

The resulting vehicle is not only _ a tonne lighter and more fuel efficient than the in-service FV430, but also provides higher top speed and acceleration, with modern standards of braking and steering. Additionally, the upgrade offers diagnostic fault-finding and levels of reliability more usually associated with a commercial truck.

See the new FV430 at Army 2002, Salisbury Plain, 3-7 July 2002, Alvis stand no OS05.

Alvis Vehicles Limited is based in Telford, UK and is wholly owned by Alvis plc. Alvis plc is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is involved with the design and production of armoured fighting vehicles and other specialist military vehicles. The Alvis Group turnover in 2001 was £150 million.

Alvis FV430 Upgraded Demonstrator On Show At Army 2002