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Greek Army Orders Bofors Carl Gustav Anti-Tank Weapon

Bofors Carl Gustaf AB, a company within the Celsius Group, has been awarded a contract valued at [about] SEK 170 M from Greece for ammunition to be used in the 84 mm Carl Gustaf-system. Consequently the number of users of the world's most sold, man-portable, support and anti-armour weapon systems, has grown even more.

This contract involves direct deliveries to the Hellenic Army of armour penetrating ammunition as well as deliveries of component kits to the Hellenic Arms Industry (EBO) for further production in Greece.

This contract is a breakthrough for Celsius on the Greek market that will not only lead to follow-on contracts in the form of direct deliveries and increased industrial co-operation within the framework of the Carl Gustaf-system, but also to further opportunities for other companies within Celsius to do business with Greece.


Greek Army Orders Bofors Carl Gustav Anti-Tank Weapon