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Canada Military Seen At The Crossroads (July 12)

OTTAWA---The Honourable John McCallum, Minister of National Defence, today released At a Crossroads, the annual report of the Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS) on the state of the Canadian Forces. This is the first annual report of General Raymond Henault since he became CDS in June 2001.

Minister McCallum applauded the dedication of the men and women of the Canadian Forces and welcomed the frankness of the CDS. "The past year was a crucial one for Canadian Forces members. In addition to fulfilling their various tasks and commitments, both at home and abroad, they responded with professionalism and courage to the tragic events of September 11th and the ensuing campaign against terrorism," said Minister McCallum. "At the same time, the CDS has made it clear in his report that, while the CF remains a modern, combat-capable force, the institution is facing significant challenges that we will need to address as part of our efforts to prepare the Canadian Forces for the future."

In his report, General Henault stressed the need to adapt the Forces to the context of the 21st Century. "While recent events have confirmed that our strategy to transform the CF is sound, we are clearly at a crossroads between the past and the future. We still have to make the necessary adjustments to ensure that we have the defence capabilities needed to meet not only today's threats, but those of tomorrow as well," said General Henault. "The Canadian Forces have some of the best men and women this country has to offer, dedicated leadership, and the right strategy. I am confident that by working together we can remain a vital and modern institution," added General Henault.

This year's report describes the major international and domestic operations undertaken by the Canadian Forces in 2001-2002, including its participation in the international campaign against terrorism, as well as its recent achievements and progress on key institutional priorities.

The report also examines the challenges that the Canadian Forces is currently facing, and outlines some of the broader issues confronting the leadership of the Forces. Lastly, it outlines the immediate priorities for the Forces, which are to put its people first, modernize its force structure, and ensure modern management through effective communications. (ends)

**Click here to read the CDS report, on the Canadian Forces website (54 pg. in .pdf format)

The Minister Of National Defence Releases The Annual Report Of The CDS