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Eurofighter Partners Launch New Export Sales Organisation

Effective today, the four Eurofighter partners (Alenia Aerospazio, British Aerospace, CASA and DaimlerChrysler Aerospace), have set up a dedicated export sales organisation - Eurofighter International (EFI).

The new organisation will focus on capturing 50 per cent of the estimated available market of 800 combat aircraft over the next 30 years, worth in excess of 57 billion US Dollars ( approx. 50 billion Euro). Requirements have already been identified in Norway, Greece, South Korea and several other countries worldwide.

Eurofighter International will be the sole responsible for all export sales activities, providing the single contractual interface for all export customers. EFI is fully backed by the strength and resources of the four partner companies in the Eurofighter consortium and will be based in London.

Cesare Gianni, who is Alenia Corporate Vice President and who has more than 20 years marketing experience has been appointed President of Eurofighter International. He will be supported by three Vice Presidents - Manfred Wolff (Campaigns), Andy Lewis (Sales Support), and Rob New (Contracts/Finance).

"Although it is still relatively early in its life cycle it is already clear Eurofighter Typhoon is set to become one of Europe's most successful exports," said Cesare Gianni. "The current 'partner company lead' arrangement, relying on the expertise of the partners in specific regions and countries has worked well, and it has led to two European nations with aspirations to join the programme. However, we are confident that this new structure wiil take our export activities forward to the next level and help us achieve our ambitious target."

Filippo Bagnato, Chairman of the Board of Eurofighter International, said "This is an excellent new initiative. I very much welcome the setting up of this new organisation and the appointment of such a strong team to lead it. Together with Cesare Gianni and his colleagues I look forward to a great future for Eurofighter International."

Eurofighter International will work closely with the management of the core Eurofighter Typhoon (development, production, and support) programme. Therefore the current relationships between Eurofighter GmbH, NETMA and the four MoD Procurement Executives and the Air Forces remain the same.

In the initial instance, the relationships with Greece, Norway and South Korea will be taken over by Eurofighter International, with the same individuals maintaining their marketing responsibilities. lt is expected the core team at EFI will grow to be adequate to run two full campaigns and these numbers can be 'topped up' by the partner companies as necessary


Eurofighter Partners Launch New Export Sales Organisation