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Aussie F-111s Complete Deep Maintenance Cycle

Greg Combet, Acting Minister for Defence, today announced the completion of the deeper maintenance contract for the Air Force F-111 fleet.

“Since the F-111 was introduced it has flown over 160,000 hours. To help it achieve this Air Force and Defence Industry collectively completed over 300 routine deeper maintenance servicings that have included removal of wings, engines, undercarriage and other major components for overhaul or replacement,” said Mr Combet.

“The maintenance systems introduced with the F-111 aircraft have been a mainstay of Defence and industry’s high-tech support capabilities for well over 35 years.”

“Over that time, many engineers and technicians within the Air Force and industry have developed their skills and experience in support of the F-111. These skills will be also used in support of the Air Force’s newer platforms.”

“Aircraft A8-135, which was handed back to 82 Wing today, was the final F-111 to undergo deeper maintenance servicing and the completion of this program will ensure that the F-111 fleet remains fully capable until the Super Hornets come on-line.”

“Through its involvement with the F-111, Boeing has made a significant contribution to the aircraft’s legacy.”

Boeing Defence has undertaken the F-111 Deeper Maintenance Capability for the Air Force since August 2001.

A ceremony was held today at RAAF Amberley to mark the completion of the contract.

Completion of Maintenance Contract for F-111 Fleet