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Australia Prepares to Deploy Leased Heron UAV to Afghanistan

The first Australian-leased Heron Unmanned Aerial Vehicle will shortly begin operations supporting Australian troops in Afghanistan.

For the past four months, a small Royal Australian Air Force detachment has been preparing for the delivery of the Australian Heron, by working with the Canadian Heron detachment at Kandahar airfield, drawing on the Canadians’ operational knowledge, experience and facilities.

A specialist detachment of Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel has arrived in Afghanistan to provide an extra aerial surveillance capability for Australian and Coalition troops fighting the Taliban and bringing stability to the country.

The first project Nankeen HERON UAV (serial A45-262) that will be leased by Australia, was photographed in the factory in Israel.

Test flying will occur in early December followed by delivery to Kandahar for use on ADF operations.


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