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BAE Launches Website for FRES, Warrior Bid

BAE Systems - the right choice for FRES Specialist Vehicles (SV) and Warrior upgrade.

The British Army needs a much-improved and better protected reconnaissance capability. Its Warrior infantry fighting vehicles are also in need of urgent upgrade.

BAE Systems has invested £50m and five years of development to ensure that it can deliver FRES Specialist Vehicles and upgraded Warriors to the front line as quickly as possible - with no compromises on fightability or survivability.

The BAE Systems approach will also sustain more than 1000 high-quality UK jobs at BAE Systems and in the supply chain, many sustainable beyond the development and manufacturing phase of the programme.

This will not just benefit the economy but will ensure that vital skills are sustained in the UK to continue to support the front line. Those skills have already been used on more than 150 urgent operational requirements - 50-plus on Warrior alone - mostly to protect crews against ever-changing threats.

Click here to visit the new mini-website.

FRES and Warrior