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Bulgarian General Flies On Eurofighter

Major General Konstantin Popov, Head of the Bulgarian Air Forces training staff, did a training flight with the “Eurofighter Typhoon F- 2000B” at an Italian air base in Grosseto recently as reported by the Bulgarian Air Force staff to the national newspaper “Balgarska Armia”.

Major General Popov was hosted by General Maurizio Lodovisi, Chief of the Italian Air Command. Both of them focused on the military cooperation between the two States. Special attention was paid to the strengthening of cooperation between the two Nations, on developing strategies for further operational tasks with the Italian Air Force, as well as on greater opportunities using new and modern Eurofighter flight technology.

During Major General Popov’s flight with the Eurofighter Typhoon, the aircraft was used to its full capacity. Manoeuvres such as “one on one” and “two against two” as well as circle flights of 75 minute duration were accomplished successfully.

Popov pointed out, that for the Bulgarian Air Force it is very important to cooperate with leading countries like Italy. Popov stressed how the unique Bulgarian military history will serve as an opportunity to enable proactive cooperation with NATO partners in the future.


Bulgaria Flies the Best!