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Aero-Defense Industry Claims £60Bn Contribution to UK Economy

ADS, the UK's AeroSpace, Defence and Security trade organisation today (Tuesday) marked its formal launch by publishing a new book and video highlighting the hugely positive impact that the industry makes in the form of £60 billion per year to the economy and 500,000 high-quality British jobs across all regions of the country. With contributions from senior industrialists and politicians these publications seek to inform the UK of the crucial nature and exciting future that the sectors offer.

The formal launch of A|D|S will be marked at a private gala dinner at a central London location tonight to be attended by political figures, senior industry executives and members of the armed forces. The book and video will debut at the dinner before being used at future public events, including the Farnborough International Airshow in July.

Ian Godden, Chairman of A|D|S, said:

"Our industry sectors are Europe's number one and are second only to the US globally. We employ around 500,000 people across the UK and generate around £60 billion per year to the UK economy and £25 billion in exports. Our industry will help re-balance the economy away from its dependence on financial services to deliver a more sustainable future for Britain.

"We offer an exciting future for the UK's bright young minds and for the economy as a whole as we spearhead the recovery from the recession. Whether it be creating new technologies to support our armed forces and security authorities to keep us safe or delivering innovation to reduce still further the emissions from aircraft and support everyday activities or disaster relief from space our industry is a jewel in the crown of UK manufacturing and services.

"Despite the current economic downturn, in which we are all suffering, we are not seeking to ask what the country can do for us. Instead we are fighting through the recession, celebrating our successes and demonstrating what we can do for every Briton individually and the country as a whole."

Industry facts:

* Civil Aerospace - 100,000 people work in the sector, which generates £20 billion per annum and enjoys a 17 per cent global market share.
* Defence - employs 300,000 people across all regions of the UK, turns over more than £35 billion a year and has 10 per cent of the global defence market.
* Security - employs around 600,000 people in total in the UK and the diverse national security budget is worth an estimated £43 billion.
* Space - supports 70,000 UK jobs, and generates £7 billion per year to the UK economy.


1. A|D|S is the trade organisation advancing UK AeroSpace, Defence and Security industries with Farnborough International Limited as a wholly-owned subsidiary. A|D|S also encompasses the British Aviation Group (BAG). It is formed from the merger of the Association of Police and Public Security Suppliers (APPSS), the Defence Manufacturers Association (DMA) and the Society of British Aerospace Companies (SBAC).

2. The industry total of 500,000 employees is derived from the number of employees working in the manufacturing and services sectors of those sectors. Some employees work on projects in multiple sectors and the figures do not include, for example, the man guarding aspect of security and the police force. Therefore, despite aerospace employing 100,000, defence 300,000, space 70,000 and security 600,000 some are double-counted in more than one sector and not all of these work in the areas covered by A|D|S.


Industry Celebrates £60bn Contribution to Uk Economic Well-Being As New Book & Film Published