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Boeing Wins $460 Mn UCAV Contract (Aug. 8)

The Boeing Company of Seattle was awarded $460,056,330 to fund the Spiral 1 objectives that are being incorporated into the existing Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle (UCAV) Other Transaction Agreement on July 6. The Spiral 1 effort will lead to the design, development and fabrication of two X-45B air vehicles, two containers and an upgraded mission control station. The effort will also include risk reduction modeling and simulation, ground and flight-testing, and system level demonstration activities necessary to meet the Spiral 1 objectives. This effort also includes an additional block of software development and flight-testing on the X-45As. It will be incrementally funded; the initial funding increment is $1,562,000.

Spiral 1 will be performed in St. Louis. (62 percent), Seattle (34 percent), Palmdale, Calif. (three percent), Mesa, Ariz. (one percent), and Southern Calif. (one percent). The effort is to be completed by Dec. 30, 2005. Funds will not expire at the end of the current fiscal year. This was a limited competition with one proposal received. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is the contracting activity

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