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BAE to Demo Product Range at Quad A

BAE Systems will host a media briefing and product demonstration at the 2010 Army Aviation Association of America National Convention in Fort Worth, Texas, on April 15.

Advanced Threat Infrared Countermeasures system
The ATIRCM system is a laser-based, directable countermeasures system that protects Army CH-47 Chinook helicopters against attack by infrared-guided missiles. The system provides passive warning of a missile approach using BAE Systems’ AN/AAR-57 Common Missile Warning System, which detects the missile, rejects false alarms, and cues the ATIRCM jam head to the missile's location. When the jam head locates the missile with its IR tracking system, it emits a high-energy beam to defeat the missile's infrared seeker.

Brownout Landing Aid System Technology
BLAST is an affordable, lightweight, active system that gives rotorcraft pilots improved situational awareness in degraded visual environments. It enables pilots to see through obscurants such as sand, snow, fog, rain, and smoke to detect obstacles such as wires, poles, terrain, and other hazards, providing a visual path they can safely navigate through.

Q-Sight helmet-mounted display
The lightweight Q-Sight helmet-mounted display provides day-or-night “head-up, eyes-out” capability for mission-critical situational awareness by projecting flight and mission information in front of the user’s eyes — technology that previously involved installing bulky and complex projectors and lenses in cockpits or ground vehicles. The compact Q-Sight display, which clips onto the user’s helmet, is compatible with other helmet displays, easily retrofitted or upgraded, and enables the addition of new capabilities at low cost.

Silver Fox unmanned aerial vehicle
The gas-electric-powered Silver Fox UAV provides autonomous aerial surveillance imaging, carrying miniaturized sensor payloads for day or night operations with a small operational footprint. It can integrate cameras and sensors for image or data collection and transmission after being launched from a portable, lightweight rail system mounted on its storage case. The vehicle can be launched from small boats, submarines, and ships.

Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System
BAE Systems will show never before released footage of APKWS in action. APKWS, developed by BAE Systems in partnership with the U.S. government, provides aviators with a highly precise weapon that is effective against soft and lightly armored targets while minimizing collateral damage — important in urban areas and other situations in which non-combatants or friendly forces are near hostile targets.

The system transforms standard 2.75-inch unguided rockets to smart, highly precise laser-guided missiles and is a low-cost alternative to other air-launched munitions currently in inventory. The U.S. Marine Corps will initially deploy APKWS from AH-1W Cobra helicopters.


BAE Systems to Host Media Briefing and Demonstration at Army Aviation Association Convention