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Antonov Delivers First Production AN-148

On April 28, 2010, the first serial AN-148 manufactured at ANTONOV Company in a wide international cooperation has been passed to the operator – AeroSvit Ukrainian airlines. This airplane will become the second AN-148 working under the flag of this airline. The first AN-148 started flying on the airline’s routes in June 2009.

Mr.E.A.Treskunov acting as Director General of AeroSvit airline said: “We are very pleased with AN-148. Passengers who flew at AN-148 on both domestic Ukrainian air-routes and the international ones liked it as well. It is very comfortable in comparison with the other regional airplanes. AN-148 has no equal in baggage holds capacity. Thus, we are glad to receive the second such airplane”.

As manager of AeroSvit said the airlines is interested to use 99-seat AN-158, which will become an effective addition to AN-148. “These airplanes have good perspectives in the market as a family namely. To be competitive, the modern air carriers are to have minimal expenditures. It may be reached by use airplanes of one family with maximum compatible systems, equipment, spare parts, maintenance,” he noted.

AN-148 regional jet of a new generation intended for transportation of 68-85 passengers at regional air routes at a range up to 4000 km is a compatible product designed in Ukraine at ANTONOV company with participation of the leading design bureaus, scientific research institutes and aviation enterprises of Ukraine, Russia and 13 other countries of the world.

On June 2, 2009, an airplane of initial batch developed at ANTONOV company to a serial construction entered regional air routes of Ukraine under the Flag of AeroSvit airlines. Till present, the airplane transported more than 32,000 passengers. It flies regularly at the regional routes of Ukraine as well as at the international routes. It carries out transportations in the fleet of Rossiya Russian State transport company. AN-148 flies to Warsaw (Poland), Moscow, Saint-Petesburg (Russia), Tbilisi (Georgia) Instanbul (Turkey), Budapest (Hungary).


First Serial AN-148 Manufactured at ANTONOV Company Has Been Passed to the Operator