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Boeing, EADS Spar on Tanker Claims

Let us be clear. EADS North America and its subsidiaries are not involved in any trade with Iran. The allegations against the company by Boeing are false. EADS scrupulously abides by the laws and regulations that govern the sale of our products – which include U.S. export control laws and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Boeing is spreading what it knows is misinformation, to distract attention from their lack of a tanker.

It is this that prompted a Pentagon rebuke, via the principal spokesman for Defense Secretary Robert Gates: “We would not have welcomed EADS North America's participation in this important competition unless they were a company in good standing with the Department of Defense”.

Insofar as this issue has been brought into focus exclusively by Boeing for their own self-serving reasons, it would seem important to understand why Boeing has itself been penalized $2.4 billion by the U.S. government in this decade alone for a litany of ethical and legal violations.

However, unlike Boeing, we do not presume to instruct the Department of Defense on who should be allowed to compete for this important and sensitive contract. We will continue to talk about the one thing this competition is supposed to be about – tankers – as we have done from the beginning. When our competitors have the courage to compete on the merits of their offering, they are welcome to join us in the discussion. (ends)

Obeying the Law, Respecting the Warfighter