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Airbus Details Exhibit at Berlin’s ILA Show

The 2010 Berlin Air Show will spotlight several milestones in aviation history, and Airbus’ high-level presence at the biennial gathering includes a first public appearance of Airbus Military’s A400M military airlifter, along with the participation of three A380 jetliners.

This six-day event at Berlin-Schönefeld Airport – which opens tomorrow and continues through Sunday – will commemorate the 100th anniversary of Germany’s air show, while also marking the 40 years of Airbus’ existence and the 10 years since Airbus parent company EADS was created.

The A400M taking part in the Berlin Air Show’s flying and static displays is one of two aircraft currently in the flight test and certification programme for this multi-role military transport. It will be at Berlin-Schönefeld Airport from 8 to 10 June. Currently, eight countries have placed orders for a total of 184 A400Ms, with Germany being the largest customer – having committed to acquiring 60 of the aircraft.

While the A380 has become a common sight at many aviation events around the world, the 21st century Airbus flagship will have an exceptional role at the 2010 Berlin Air Show. Lufthansa and Emirates are both bringing jetliners from their own fleets, along with Airbus’ MSN04 demonstrator aircraft.

Lufthansa’s A380 is the initial aircraft for the German flag carrier, which was delivered by Airbus on 19 May. After being exhibited at Berlin-Schönefeld Airport during the air show’s opening day, the A380 will enter regularly-scheduled revenue service later in the week on Lufthansa’s Frankfurt-Tokyo route.

The Emirates double-deck airliner to be displayed at Berlin is the 30th A380 delivered by Airbus, having been received by the airline on 4 June. This was the 10th A380 provided to Emirates by Airbus, and is one of 58 ordered by the airline. This aircraft is planned to be at Berlin-Schönefeld Airport through 9 June.

Airbus’ own A380 demonstrator aircraft will arrive at the Berlin Air Show on 11 June, remaining through the event’s closing day on 13 June.


The A400M Military Airlifter and Three A380 Jetliners Will Highlight Airbus' Presence at the 2010 Berlin Air Show