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Bumar Completes PT-91M Deliveries to Malaysia

The management of Bumar confirms, that there is no threat due to the payment of the credit granted for finishing the Malaysian contract.

Bumar informs, that the delivery of all PT-91M tanks and supplementary vehicles: technical vehicles manufactured as part of the Malaysian contract was finished. All systems installed in the vehicles have been accepted by the recipient and function correctly.

The deliveries of equipment as part of the contract is finished. The delivered tanks are tested technically and are accepted by the Malaysian contractor.

Due to the end of delivery of vehicles, there are no threats to the execution of the contract, since the equipment has been delivered, and the last vehicles are undergoing acceptance.

The PT-91M delivered to Malaysia are a modernized version of the Polish PT-91 "Twardy" tank. The tanks are currently one of the most technically and technologically advanced medium class tanks (up to 50-tonne mass).


Deliveries of Tanks Finished, No Threat to the Contract