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ADI Installs Satcoms On ANZAC Ships (Sept. 2)

Australia's ANZAC ships will be able to participate more fully in joint exercises with the US Navy following ADI Limited's successful installation of a military satellite communications system (MILSATCOM) on Ships 5 and 6 (Warramunga and Stuart).

The installation, set to work and acceptance testing of the complex system as well as a high speed data capability on HMAS Warramunga were achieved on schedule in three months.

Work on Stuart was accelerated to accommodate its commissioning on August 17. Outstanding set to work and acceptance testing was completed this week.

ADI managing director, Mr. Jean-Georges Malcor, said the company's design work, integration of the SITEP antenna system and installation of the new capabilities required extensive modification of the ships' communication systems.

"MILSATCOM will upgrade communication between ANZAC ships and the navies of the US and other allies, enabling the Royal Australian Navy to have a greater involvement in joint exercises.

"Negotiations are well advanced to similarly upgrade the communications systems of ANZAC ships 7-10.

"Given the extremely tight schedule and complexity of the upgrade, we believe the team we established in Williamstown Dockyard to ensure Navy requirements were met has produced an outstanding outcome.

"The Navy has trailed the Warramunga's new capabilities in Port Phillip Bay and at sea and reported very positive results."

The ANZAC ships' communication philosophy of providing remote control of all communication facilities from a single console is maintained by the upgrade.

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