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BAE Wins A$40M for Nulka Ship Decoy System

About 130 Australian Defence industry jobs will be shored up under a new ship decoy contract awarded to BAE Systems, the Minister for Defence Materiel and Science Greg Combet said today.

The company has been awarded its 12th consecutive contract for the Nulka decoy, guaranteeing production and Defence industry jobs around the country until at least 2013.

BAE-Systems made Nulka decoys have been fitted to 12 ships across the Royal Australia Navy, protecting ships such as the Adelaide Class guided missile frigates and the Anzac-class frigates.

Australia’s Air Warfare Destroyer will also be protected by the Nulka Active Missile Decoy System.

Mr Combet said that the new contract was good news for local Defence industry, for local jobs and for Australia’s servicemen and women serving in the Royal Australian Navy.

“The Nulka decoy project is Australia’s largest regular Defence export and one of our most successful electronic warfare projects,” Mr Combet said.

“The project has generated export earnings of more than $500 million and employs approximately 130 Australians across a number of states, including Victoria, NSW and South Australia.

“It has helped keep thousands of our servicemen and women safe both here and abroad and supported local Defence industry and jobs in Australia.

“It is also a clear demonstration that our local Defence industry can compete against the best in the world and win.”

Nulka has now been in continuous production for 12 years. It is currently in operational use in 135 ships, and is planned to be fitted to more than 160 ships across the Royal Australian Navy, United States Navy and the Canadian Navy.

BAE Systems supports Nulka from facilities in Richmond, Victoria, Mulwala, NSW and Edinburgh Parks, South Australia.
Aussie Jobs Shored Up Under Nulka Contract