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Australian Forces’ C4ISR Capabilities

The ADF’s capability to fight does not just reside in their ships, planes, vehicles and personnel, as important as they are. Increasingly the capability of those force elements are being boosted by improved ability to have ‘situational awareness’—knowing where friendly forces, the enemy and neutrals are located, and what they are doing.

The data collection, processing and dissemination systems are not as glamorous as the major platforms—there are no ‘dump and burn’ equivalents in the IT world—but they are vital.

This paper reviews the current state of the ADF’s ability to network its force elements together. From a hesitant start a few years ago, the ADF has made good progress towards a networked force.

This paper is the final in the 2010 ADF capability review series. Previous editions covered the Army, Navy and Air Force. The author of this Policy Analysis is Dr Andrew Davies, Program Director Operations and Capability, ASPI.

Click here to reach the report’s download page, on the ASPI website.

The Networked ADF—C4ISR Capability Summary 2010