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Aero Extends Composite Production

Today Aero Vodochody a.s. officially starts up the second phase of its composite production project.

This phase of the project, which value exceeds CZK 120 million, is an outcome of implementation of the company´s strategy aimed at expansion of production capabilities, yet represented mainly by the composite production company Rotortech, Aero Vodochody subsidiary, located in the UK.

As a part of the project Aero is going to rebuild current production facilities, procure and install the most modern equipment and to introduce new development and production programs. In October this year, at the end of the first phase of the project, Aero will produce composites in a production area of 1600 m2.

Rotortech’s production as well as its accumulated experience in composite design and production will be gradually transferred to Aero. In 2012, at the end of the now approved second project phase, the composite production will expand into completely refurbished production area of 5400 m2, equipped with the latest production and test technology.

“Composite parts production has a long tradition at Aero, although it has never reached the level which would satisfy the aerospace market demand. This project is a necessary step for our company´s sustainable competitiveness on the global market,” said President and the Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Ladislav Šimek.

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