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Artillery Command Vehicles For Swiss Army (Oct. 16)

Alfred Markwalder, head of the Swiss defense procurement agency, handed over to the army the first artillery command vehicles during a ceremony on the Brière parade ground.

All the 120 vehicles planned will be delivered by 2004.

Hit measurement and observation equipment, as well as devices for video-assisted training, were also demonstrated.

The Federal Parliament authorized the expenditure of 166 million Swiss francs for this project as part of Armaments Plan 2000. The new artillery command vehicles meet improved new requirements for speed, mobility and operational flexibility. Data is measured and quickly transmitted to the SICODIFA integrated artillery fire control system, by day or night and in all weather conditions.

The process begins with the observation of the target and is completed by firing engagement, through the evaluation of the tactical situation and automatic decision-making. The new observation equipment is especially important for artillery units as fire control is not only quicker but also much more accurate.

Development of the system is an evolutionary process using Swiss- and foreign-made off-the-shelf components, and characterized by low-risk approach and an emphasis on low costs.

This project benefited from the full support of participating companies, which supplied innovative solutions.

Delivery to the Troops of Artillery Command Vehicles