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Alenia Marconi At Euronaval (Oct. 22)

AMS is a multi-national electronic systems company specialising in the design, manufacture and supply of radar and mission critical command, control and management systems to defence forces and air traffic management authorities throughout the world.

AMS is a joint venture company owned equally by Finmeccanica of Italy and BAE Systems of the UK. It employs 7,400 people, has a turnover in excess of _1.2bn with a healthy order book of _4bn which underpins its ambitious growth plans for the next four years. AMS has an established customer base in over 100 countries.

At Euronaval 2002 the company is displaying, on stand E2, its capabilities in:

**Proven Combat Management Systems scalable for any warship

--Common Console: designed for, and to be qualified under, the Type 45 Combat Management System programme, the common console is also being used for the PAAMS C2.
--IPN-S: Modular Command and Control System based on the latest COTS technology; using standard VME computers and MAGICS 2 Multi-function display consoles.
--NAUTIS F: is a versatile Command and Weapon Control System in service with a number of the worlds major navies. NAUTIS has a fully distributed, fully redundant, modular and scaleable architecture which allows it to be easily adapted to fit a variety of platforms from dedicated Mine Countermeasure vessels, maritime policing and EEZ patrol, to air, surface and underwater warfare.
--NAUTIS M: Mine Countermeasures Combat Management Systems. Controls all platform equipment essential to MCM mission effectiveness, with particular emphasis on mission planning, precise navigation and mine hunting sonar.

**Submarine Combat System
SMCS: Submarine Command System that features an integrated suite of tactical picture, weapon management, fire control functions and other applications to present a clear, accurate real-time tactical picture.

**Meteorological Systems
METOC: Meteorological and Oceanographic systems and services. The METOC business covers the full spectrum from requirements analysis and modelling to operational system supply and support.

**Ship Controlled Aircraft Approach
Wearable PC technology facilitating the distribution of command information throughout any platform. A sample Flight Deck Helicopter Landing application will be demonstrated.

**Strength through Sensor capability
--EMPAR: G-band multi function phased array radar. Multifunction capability provides simultaneous surveillance, tracking and weapons control. EMPAR is the primary sensor in the FSAF/SAAM-IT and PAAMS (FR/IT) missile system.
--AWS-9: this naval radar is a main surveillance and target indication radar suitable for all classes of major warships.
--SAMPSON: a multi-function radar that combines surveillance and dedicated tracking roles into a single system.

**Civil Systems

--VTMS (Vessel Traffic Management Systems) A multi-sensor Management, Command and Control system for naval, coastal and maritime applications. The general system architecture is based on a different level of control (Local, Area and Central), which interacts with the traffic, analysis and synthesises data coming from different Sensor Sites and support the operational coordination and decision.
--EEZ Surveillance and Control - Using conventional microwave and HF radars coupled to state of the art command and control systems.

**Training and Support Systems
--Periscope simulator: AMS' approach to this training combines high fidelity replication with the realism of high quality computer generated imagery in realistic scenarios. A large database of surface and subsurface targets support our customers worldwide.
--CTT: Command Team Trainers for surface ships and submarines replicate the complete operations room and its equipment. The high fidelity simulation includes modelling of the environment, operational scenario and target data.

AMS At Euronaval 2002