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ADI, BAE To Develop New Non-Toxic Ammo (Oct. 25)

ADI Limited and BAE Systems RO Defence have signed a memorandum of understanding to jointly develop a world leading 5.56mm lead free high performance ammunition.

The development of the new ammunition is in response to the concern of defense forces to protect military personnel and the environment from the toxic components of small arms ammunition.

Development of the non toxic high performance ammunition will be undertaken in the UK with personnel from ADI and BAe Systems RO Defence involved. Both organizations are skilled in the design and manufacture of small caliber ammunition, including 5.56mm, and its marketing to military customers.

The two year development program will aim to ensure the new ammunition is able to defeat recent advancements in body armor protection.

The development program is scheduled to conclude with NATO qualification of a heavy metal free high performance round. The program will be supported by the marketing strengths of BAe Systems RO Defence and ADI around the world.

Development of Non Toxic High Performance Ammunition