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Barracuda Awarded Major Camouflage Order (Dec. 15)

Barracuda Technologies AB has been awarded a substantial order from the Defence Material Administration (FMV) for multi-spectral camouflage screens. Order value approximately 40 million SEK.

The Barracuda Multi-spectral Ultra Lightweight Camouflage Screen, BMS-ULCAS, is an advanced product with very good capabilities within the visual, near infrared, thermal and radar wavelength areas.

Delivery will take place over a period of three years with final delivery in September 2002.

Barracuda Technologies in Gamleby is a company within the Saab group. Barracuda Technologies AB develops, produces and markets signature management products and services for protection against detection and identification. The company, with subsidiaries in four countries, customers and representation in 40 countries, is the world leader within its field.

Saab is mainly active in the aviation, space and defence industry and offers advanced products and systems based on sophisticated information -technology. The business areas within Saab are Military Aerospace, Space, Training Systems, Commercial Aircraft and Combitech.


Substantial Order Awarded To Barracuda Technologies For Multi-spectral Camouflage Screens