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BVR Wins Israeli CW Simulator Order (Nov. 27)

TEL AVIV, Israel --- BVR Systems (1998) Ltd., a diversified world leader of advanced defense training and simulation systems and part of the Elisra Group, today announced that it has been selected by the Israel Defense Forces to provide a simulator for chemical warfare detection equipment.

The simulator is being designed uniquely by BVRS for the training of operators of detection equipment used in chemical warfare in a realistic, but safe environment. The system simulates both civil and combat disaster situations, where detection of dangerous invisible chemicals is critical, without having to physically use these substances.

BVR Systems' chief executive officer, Yoel Katzir, commented: "The recent increase in threats and incidence involving chemical warfare across the globe has created an immediate need for more effective training procedures in the detection and eradication of chemical substances. BVR has responded to this requirement by combining its vast knowledge base of warfare techniques with its state of the art simulation technology."

The training system consists of a remote control unit and chemical warfare detector simulation units. Trainees operate simulated detectors in the same manner as live ones. The exercise instructor uses the remote controlled unit to simulate a variety of battlefield chemical warfare scenarios, which are introduced to the simulated detectors by means of radio signals.

Mr. Katzir added that the new simulator for chemical warfare detection systems reflects the Company's flexibility and capability for rapid response to emerging needs in the defense market. "BVRS' ability to quickly leverage on potential market opportunities is vital in today's challenging economic environment."

BVR Systems (1998) Ltd., established in 1998 as an independent spin-off, is a world leader in advanced defense training and simulation systems. The Company is part of the Elisra Group and offers highly efficient, cost effective solutions for the simulation, training and debriefing needs of modern air, sea and ground forces.

BVR Systems Awarded Simulator Contract For CW Detection