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Ariane Launches Galaxy XI Satellite (Dec. 22)

KOUROU, French Guiana--- Arianespace successfully orbited the Galaxy XI telecommunications satellite for U.S. operator PanAmSat, using an Ariane 4 launched from Europe's Spaceport. With this latest success, Arianespace closes out the year with a flawless ten-for-ten launch record.

Three missions in December
Today's mission, designated Flight 125, was Arianespace's third launch in 20 days. It followed Flight 124 on December 3 with an Ariane 4, and Flight 119/Ariane 504 on December 10 that marked the first-ever commercial launch of a heavy-lift Ariane 5. As a result of these rapid-paced missions, Arianespace placed three very different payloads into equally different orbits within a period of less than a month.

Through their motivation and professionalism, Arianespace teams and the European space industry have amply demonstrated the availability of Arianespace's launch service, as well as its compatibility with all platforms, for all payloads and orbits.

Today's Flight 125 mission was the 14th carried out by Arianespace for the world's leading private satellite operator, PanAmSat of the United States.

Ariane 4: 51 successful flights in a row
**Flight 125 launcher : ARIANE 44L (four liquid-propellant strap-on boosters)
**93rd ARIANE 4 out of 116 ordered from the European space industry
**Launch site N°2 : European Space Port, Kourou, French Guiana

Following Flight 125, Arianespace's backlog now stands at 40 satellites to be launched. Arianespace has booked a total of 206 launch contracts to date. The next scheduled mission is Flight 126, also for PanAmSat, which is slated for January 24, 2000. A 42L version of the Ariane 4 launcher will orbit the Galaxy XR (10R) satellite, built by Hughes Space and Communications.


Ten Out of Ten for Arianespace