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Aurora Supports Hunter UAV Demos (Dec. 5)

MANASSAS, Va. --- Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation announced today that it has provided pylons and cowling for recent upgrade programs on the RQ-5A U.S. Army/TRW "Hunter" unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Operating under subcontract to TRW, Aurora fabricated and delivered the hardware from its facilities in Manassas, Virginia, and Clarksburg, West Virginia.

"This is an important step in Aurora's relationship with TRW," said Aurora President John Langford. "Hunter is an important national asset, and Aurora is pleased to have been selected to manufacture structural components for this program."

On October 11, Northrop Grumman's Brilliant Anti-Armor Submunition (BAT) was successfully launched from aboard a Hunter UAV. The test drop of two live BAT warheads was carried out by TRW and the U.S. Army at White Sands Missile Range, NM. Each warhead hit its target, incapacitating a moving tank and destroying an armored personnel carrier. This milestone achievement "further demonstrates the Hunter UAV's versatility and tactical capabilities," said Ron Kline, TRW Hunter program manager.

Aurora Flight Sciences provided the wing pylons that carry the BAT on the Hunter UAV. Working with the TRW Hunter Program group, Aurora delivered the parts on an accelerated schedule, demonstrating once again its capability for rapid turnaround. "The Phase I demonstration was conducted successfully within the Department of the Army's 90-day time frame and provides the army with new precision strike capability," said Lt. Col. William Breffeilh, Product Manager of the Army Tactical Missile System-BAT project office. Aurora is also designing and building new fuselage cowlings as part of a Hunter engine upgrade program.

Aurora Flight Sciences is a leading supplier of unmanned air vehicle designs, components, metal and composite structures, and flight services for government, industry, and academia. Aurora operates facilities in West Virginia, Northern Virginia, and California. Aurora specializes in high- altitude, VTOL, and high performance UAVs, and also provides rapid prototyping services of advanced UAV designs.

Aurora Supports Hunter UAV Demonstrations