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Boeing Wins $61 Mn GPS Contract (Dec. 5)

The Boeing Co., Seal Beach, Calif., is being awarded a $61,746,303 cost-plus fixed-fee, cost-plus award-fee contract modification.

The Global Positioning System (GPS) currently uses a main frame based Command and Control System (CCS) that is part of the Air Force Satellite Control Network (AFSCN) to perform launch and early orbit Anomaly Disposal Operations (LADO) for GPS Space Craft.

The CCS portion of the AFSCN is scheduled for deactivation as early as October of 2004 because of obsolescence and increasing operational cost. This LADO program is being implemented to develop, deploy and sustain a new distributed architecture Commercial Off the Shelf based system to perform the required operations for all blocks of GPS satellites (II/IIA/IIR/IIF).

At this time, $447,204 of the funds has been obligated. Further funds will be obligated as individual delivery orders are issued. This work will be completed by December 2012. Solicitation began in April 2001 and negotiations were completed June 2002.

The Headquarters Space and Missile Systems Center, Los Angeles Air Force Base is the contracting activity.

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