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Aerojet Wins SM-1 Motor Order (Jan. 16)

SACRAMENTO, Calif. --- Aerojet, a GenCorp Inc. company, will provide full support as a Standard Missile-1 Full Service teammate for Standard Missile Prime Contractor, Raytheon Company. Aerojet will provide remanufactured MK56 Dual Thrust Rocket Motors as part of the SM-1 Full Service Support Program.

Aerojet, the original equipment manufacturer of the MK56 DTRM, produced more than 10,000 MK56 Rocket Motors and has remanufactured over 1300 MK56 motors. Final production of the MK56 ended in 1996. The production line, tooling, and facilities remained active at Aerojet with M112 motor production for the Raytheon missile program Hawk. The Hawk motor retained many manufacturing similarities to the MK56 motor.

"We look forward to supporting Raytheon in the effort to maintain and extend the service life of the SM-1 assets deployed around the world by our allied nations," said Peter Massey, director of Missile Defense at Aerojet.

The remanufacture of the MK56 rocket motor will be an integral part of the Raytheon-led and managed SM-1 Full Service Support Program. The SM-1 is expected to continue to provide air defense capabilities for many international platforms for an additional 10 to 15 years.

Aerojet is a world-recognized aerospace and defense leader principally serving the missile and space propulsion, and defense and armaments markets. GenCorp Inc. is a technology-based manufacturer with leading positions in aerospace and defense, pharmaceutical and automotive industries.

Aerojet To Remanufacture Rocket Motors Supporting Standard Missile Program