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BAE Wins USAF Advanced IFF Order (Jan. 24)

GREENLAWN, N.Y. --- The U.S. Air Force has awarded BAE Systems a $4.6 million contract to provide Advanced Identification Friend or Foe (AIFF) equipment for the Air Force's F-16C "Fighting Falcon" aircraft.

The equipment, which will be fitted to Block 25, 30 and 32 versions of the tactical fighter, generates and responds to friendly interrogations to provide target identification capability using the Mark XII system. The total program, including options over the next five years, is worth approximately $100 million.

Under the contract, the Greenlawn, New York, unit of the Communication, Navigation, Identification and Reconnaissance (CNIR) Group will provide BAE Systems AN/APX-113 Combined Interrogator Transponder (CIT) systems to replace existing AN/APX-101 transponders.

CNIR Group Vice President Pat McMahon said, "These AIFF systems incorporate the latest IFF functionality, including Mode S and plug-in module Mode 5 upgrade capability. They give the warfighter added ability to identify friendly aircraft in a secure environment."

The AN/APX-113, primarily used on U.S. Air Force and allied air forces' F-16 Falcons, has expanded its application base in recent years to include the Electronically Scanned Antenna (ESA) equipped F-15C, as well as allied airborne surveillance and maritime patrol aircraft.

Work will be performed for the Ogden Air Logistics Center (ALC) under a Flexible Acquisition and Sustainment Tool (FAST) contract from Modern Technologies Corp.

BAE Systems has been providing Combined Interrogator Transponders for more than ten years and has continued to improve the system. More than 1,000 systems have been produced for U.S. and allied forces.

BAE Systems employs nearly 100,000 people including Joint Ventures and has annual sales of around $18 billion. The company offers a global capability in air, sea, land and space with a world-class prime contracting ability supported by a range of key skills.

BAE Systems North America is a high-technology U.S. company employing more than 22,000 Americans who live and work in 29 states and Washington, D.C. The company is dedicated to solving its customers' needs with both highly innovative and leading edge solutions across the defense electronics, systems, information technology and services arenas.

BAE Systems Communication, Navigation, Identification and Reconnaissance (CNIR) Group has facilities located in Mt. Vernon, New York; Braintree, Massachusetts; and Greenlawn, New York, with headquarters in Wayne, New Jersey.

The Greenlawn facility is the world's leading producer of Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) products and currently produces military interrogators and transponders for airborne, shipboard, and air defense applications worldwide. It specializes in the design, development and manufacture of military communications, electronic identification, displays, antennas, and anti-submarine warfare products.

BAE Awarded $4.6M For F-16 IFF Program