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BAE Digitizes UK Army Personnel Management (Jan. 25)

BAE SYSTEMS has delivered the first release of the RYAN in-theatre personnel management application to the UK Ministry of Defence and the system has now been rolled out to British forces in Kosovo and Bosnia.

It replaces the existing Field Record Support System (FRSS) and incorporates lessons learned during the Gulf War and in Former Yugoslavia to provide British Forces with a radically enhanced, highly accurate and timely world-class capability.

RYAN provides British Army G1 and Services Personnel Support formation staff in operational theatres with a database to record personnel entering and departing from theatre, and the means to maintain detailed information about personnel, casualties and, where necessary, Prisoners of War (POW). It also features the automated capability to track combat-ready personnel between static operational locations with complete precision ­ this will be implemented during the coming year.

A second key function is the ability to record full information concerning POW details to enable the demanding, time-critical reporting requirements of the 1949 Geneva Convention to be met.

The application can also be applied to manage databases on POWs suspected of involvement in war crimes to meet legal traceability requirements ­ for instance, to record details of ownership of weapons. RYAN could also be extended to offer a refugee management capability in peacekeeping scenarios.

RYAN is the first BAE SYSTEMS digitization product to be in operational service with the British Army. Based on proven commercially available software and offering high reactivity and reliability, it was developed and delivered in only 20 weeks by the Christchurch, UK-based team in partnership with end users to meet an Urgent Operational Requirement.

RYAN is one of a number of applications being developed by BAE SYSTEMS Land & Sea Systems as part of the Army Command Support Application Suite (ACSAS). The latter will provide a comprehensive capability to support operational command and control by formation headquarters.

The 1949 Geneva Convention demands that details of all POWs be notified to the International Committee of the Red Cross within 28 days of their capture. There are demanding requirements for recording data about individual POWs - from names and serial numbers through to medical records and payments for any work done whilst in captivity.


BAE SYSTEMS Supplies Innovative Digitization System To British Army