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Australia Details Public-Private Partnership

The Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Defence, Fran Bailey, gave the Keynote Address this morning at the Defence Summit 2003 at the National Convention Centre in Canberra.

Fran Bailey explained to industry and Defence representatives that "a strong, healthy partnership between Defence and private industry is critical in delivering Defence capability, and in sustaining a powerful domestic Defence industry base."

"Further opportunities for private partnerships will come in a number of what has been considered non-traditional areas of private sector delivery," Fran Bailey said.

"For example, an enabling support firm that provided catering and associated support services to United States Defense personnel for seven camps surrounding Kuwait in the Gulf did so following 10 days notice under a standard contractual basis.

"Involvement in delivering this type of service, previously considered taboo by a private company, has shown to provide, in certain circumstances, a number of benefits to that of in-house delivery - benefits in terms of quality, time and value for money.

"The flexibility and particular skills of private industry are not always known or completely understood by the public sector. Education about the comparative benefits and possible opportunities for the private sector will be greatly assisted by proposals involving the potential to consider Unsolicited Proposals as recently foreshadowed by Minister Hill."

Defence is currently considering a departmental document for guiding Unsolicited Proposals that will set out a process for managing proposals, which hold new technology, innovation or which offer an improved way of doing business. (ends)

Click here for a transcript of Bailey’s speech, on the Australian MoD website (Browsable format)

-ends- The Road Map for the Defence Public, Private Partnership