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Agusta at Asian Aerospace (Feb. 22)

Agusta, a Finmeccanica Company, views its commitment to the Asian market as continuing to strength. Agusta has already achieved significant successes in the Region and new A109 Powers are now being delivered to China, the Philippines and Malaysia. Agusta has also been singled out as one of the best partners for Asian industrial cooperations. Significant contracts have been formalised with China and other international partners.

Moreover Helitech PTY Ltd. of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia is the first Pacific Rim customer for the Agusta/Bell AB139. Helitech's Managing Director Joseph V. Moharich signed a purchase agreement for the helicopter during the recent Heli-Expo trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Other customers for the new medium twin-turbine AB 139 include UK operator Bristow Helicopters for two aircraft. A full-scale mockup of the AB139 is on display as Asian Aerospace 2000.

Agusta specialised service centres are now established in Malaysia and the Philippines, and in the near future in China, to better support our customers with technical personnel and full logistic support for the entire Region. In order to support helicopter operators, Agusta has established specialised service centres in Kuala Lumpur, in Langkawi, Malaysia, in Singapore and in Manila that will provide full logistic support services.

Agusta is prepared to offer its military products, such as the light scout multipurpose helicopter A109 Military and the dedicated attack helicopter A129 International, to satisfy the possible requirements in the Region, with the full confidence of recent international successes of these products.


Agusta Exhibits at Asian Aerospace 2000