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BAE Offers Solution For Bowman Vehicle Kit (Feb. 28)

BAE SYSTEMS is proposing its highly successful ROVIS digital vehicle intercom system to meet the emerging UK Ministry of Defence requirement for some 10,000 communications harnesses to be fitted in military vehicles to support the digitization of the future battlefield.

ROVIS is a low-cost and low-risk means to ensure vehicle crews benefit from the information awareness at the heart of digitization. ROVIS distributes both digital and analogue data within vehicles, between vehicles, through vehicle slip-rings and to/from vehicle-mounted radios.

A world beating British product, designed and manufactured in Blackburn, there are now over 12,000 systems in service as standard equipment throughout the world with eight armies, three of which are in NATO.

Mike Sweeney, managing director of BAE SYSTEMS' Avionics Tactical Products division, said: "ROVIS leads the world in its ability to provide digital intercom facilities in military vehicles. Our expanding customer base testifies to its performance and reliability. We are thrilled at the prospect of being able to offer it into Bowman where, at low cost and minimal risk, we can offer a UK-designed and manufactured product that would meet the requirement significantly below the budget."

ROVIS is currently being produced in large quantities and could be supplied in the volumes required for Bowman at an affordable price. It is currently being trialled by the British Army within studies into battlespace digitization, and has been successfully installed in key UK Army vehicles such as Challenger II and Warrior by their original manufacturers during trials for the UK Ministry of Defence. If selected, ROVIS would be fitted in those vehicles, which will not be equipped with the limited issue Bowman Local Area System (LAS).

Further advantages come from ROVIS's ability to optimise vehicle crew efficiency through its active noise reduction systems, voice operated switching, resilience to battle damage and in-built test facilities. Renowned throughout its customer base for its reliability and ease of use, ROVIS's universal radio interface has been proven to support the world's most advanced radio systems successfully.

ROVIS is currently in service with the US Army type classified as the AN/VIC-3 and is the core intercom system for all its armoured vehicles, having been selected against international competition to replace the AN/VIC-1. Other major customers include Australia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Norway. A new contract with Spain, for their Leopard 2 MBT's, was announced recently. Further significant export contracts are expected to be revealed shortly.


BAE Systems Proposes Cost-Effective Innovative Solution For Bowman Vehicle Communications Requirement