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Canada Releases Annual Defence Report

OTTAWA --- The Minister of National Defense, the Honorable John McCallum, is pleased to announce that A Time for Transformation, the 2002-2003 annual report of the Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS) on the state of the Canadian Forces, was tabled today in the House of Commons. This is the second annual report of General Ray Henault since he became CDS in June 2001.

Minister McCallum applauded the dedication of the men and women of the Canadian Forces and welcomed the priorities set out by the CDS in his report. "For the first time in several years, our budget has stabilized and is sufficient to meet the basic demands of today's defence program. The CDS has made it clear that we face a major challenge that demands that we transform the Canadian Forces and adapt to the new military realities reshaping our strategic environment."

In his report, General Henault stressed that pursuing a transformation agenda will be difficult. "We continue to be stretched. Difficult decisions and choices will be required. But now is not the time to pause in our resolve to re-position Canada's military as a relevant, combat-capable player in the new defense and security environment. In the coming year we will become much more sustainable and continue to undertake the transformation that is so necessary to ensure the relevance of the CF and the security of Canada in the years ahead," said General Henault. "Canada is served by a tough, professional defense force of which we can all be proud. By continuing to work together, I am confident that we will remain a vital and modern defense and security institution for Canada."

This year's report describes the major international and domestic operations undertaken by the Canadian Forces in 2002-2003, including its participation in the international campaign against terrorism, as well as its recent achievements and progress on key institutional priorities that has laid the foundation for transformation.

The report also examines the challenges that the Canadian Forces is currently facing, and outlines some of the broader issues confronting the leadership of the Forces.

Lastly, it outlines the priorities for the Forces, which are to continue to invest in its people, accelerate modernization of the force structure, expand and enhance its relationships with partners and allies in defense and security, and deliver on operations, particularly Operation Athena. (ends)

Click here to read the report on the Canadian National Defence Internet homepage (HTML format)

-ends- The Minister of National Defence Releases The 2002-2003 Annual Report of The Chief of the Defence Staff