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ACSL Selects Team For Bowman Training (Apr. 27)

Archer Communication Systems Limited (ACSL) has selected a consortium led by Vosper Thornycroft as the preferred subcontractor for the training segment of the BOWMAN programme.

This training project, worth about 40M pounds sterling, is the biggest single communications training project to be implemented since the Second World War. The selection was won against strong competition from several other consortia after a rigorous evaluation of competing proposals.

Vosper Thornycroft will be responsible for the design, development and delivery of all the user and maintainer training programmes required for the successful delivery into service and through life support of the BOWMAN system. The Vosper Thornycroft team based in Portsmouth has considerable experience in the delivery of training to the UK Armed Forces.

Training is a key Ministry of Defence requirement for BOWMAN, and Vosper Thornycroft will be tasked, as a member of the Conversion Integrated Project Team (IPT), with delivering the BOWMAN training programme. The consortium will work with ACSL to develop and deliver substantial technology based training and equipment to support the programme.

The object of the BOWMAN programme overall is to provide secure voice and data communications throughout the British Army down to combat unit level, including air and sea-borne support elements, an integral command and control system, and the infrastructure to enable digitization of the battlefield.

Individual and collective training will be delivered to over 70,000 military personnel from the three services situated in eight countries. It is planned, in all, to conduct more than over 1 million days of BOWMAN training.

The delivery of training will have a technology based content and will represent a major step forward in the methods and media used to train military personnel.

ACSL, managed by BAE SYSTEMS, is the MoD's preferred prime contractor and systems integrator for the BOWMAN programme. It is a joint venture between ITT (40%), and Racal Defence Electronics and BAE SYSTEMS (30% each).


Archer Selects Vosper Thornycroft Consortium For Bowman Training Programme