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BAE Wins Contract For RAF C_ I System (June 6)

BAE SYSTEMS Combat & Radar Systems at Christchurch, United Kingdom, has been awarded a contract to develop a new operational resource management system within the United Kingdom's RAF CCIS (Command & Control Information System) and SDOMP (Station & Deployed Forces Operational Management Project) Database and Application (RASDA) air command and control (C2) planning and tasking aid.

The initial phase of the operational resource management application is to be delivered to the customer via RASDA's prime contractor, ICL, by September 2000 and will be hosted on the RAF CCIS. It will enhance the RAF's capability to create, manage and support flying programmes using data on personnel, aircraft and associated support equipment down to individual squadron level.

The resource management application will be employed overseas in support of deploying rapid reaction forces or at fixed RAF bases. It replaces the existing Station Operational Management Aid (SOMA), and will significantly enhance the efficiency and reactivity with which Planning and Tasking Orders from higher levels of command can be fulfilled.

The RASDA database will interface to the JFAC HQ and units to allow automatic update of information between the PJFAC HQ and units under its control. An e-mail interface has been implemented as the first stage in connecting these key air C2 systems.

RASDA will be used by commanders in fixed and deployed locations to produce orders for implementation by units. It is replacing all legacy C2 functionality, except formal messaging. It will incorporate the latest software technologies and make use of the rapid development of prototypes for evaluation with user representatives. This approach - typical of BAE SYSTEMS' philosophy of active partnership with its customers - reduces cost and risk whilst optimising time into service.


New Resource Management System From BAE Systems Will Enhance RAF Operational Effectiveness