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Alenia Shows Two C-27Js At Farnborough (July 26)

Two C-27J airlifters are on show at farnborough International 2000. One is performing daily demo flights ( 4043 prototype), the other one is visible at the static area (4115 Flight Test Airplane ­ 1st Production Standard).

The 4043 prototype has already carried out 65 flights and about 105 flight hours, while the 4115 prototype has realized 24 flights and 45 flight hours (updated July 14th).

The first prototype (4043) was flown on September 1999 equipped with the new propulsion system based on the Rolls Royce AE2100 engines and the Dowty R 391 6 blades all composite propeller and the new flight controls.

On May 12 the first production standard C-27J (4115) was flown from Alenia Aerospazio's Flight Test Facilities in Caselle (Turin).

This aircraft is in the full production configuration with the new avionic systems, advanced technology cockpit NVIS compatible, new landing gear, new APU, and new propulsion system and flight controls already flying on the first test aircraft.

The third test aircraft (4033) is in final assembly at Caselle Facilities.

Its first flight will complete the initial phase of the development program, leading into the certification phase which will culminate with the JAR25 civil certification by the Registro Aeronautico Italiano (Italian Airworthiness Authority) and military qualification by the Italian Ministry of Defense.

The manufacture of the C-27J involves all the Alenia Aerospazio Facilities, and the final assembly line is located in Caselle.

The C-27J avionics and propulsion systems were developed and integrated by Lockheed Martin Aero in Marietta, USA, and are common to the systems on the C-130J Hercules.

Last November the Italian Air Force has decided to replace its G222 fleet with the new C-27J; the requirement calls for 12 aircraft and logistic related support. Deliveries are expected in the 2001-2004 time period with the gradual retirement of the G222 fleet.

The Italian is the first Air Force to decide the C-27J acquisition.

The C-27J is presently being evaluated by many potential customers worldwide. In particular, this aircraft is in final decision in Greece, while it is under evaluation in Malaysia and in Switzerland. A market size of over 500 tactical aircraft is foreseen over the next 20 years.


Two C-27J Airlifter Are On Show At Farnborough International 2000.