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Blohm+Voss At IMDEX Show (Oct. 28)

Blohm + Voss is backed by the global market strength of its parent company, ThyssenKrupp AG in technological and financial respect. ThyssenKrupp AG employs about 193,000 people generating annual sales of around EURO 37.2 billion.

Blohm + Voss Shipyard in Hamburg a company of ThyssenKrupp Werften is an experienced and successful tenderer for naval ship projects in the international market. Founded in 1877 more than 1000 merchant as well as naval vessels have been delivered for clients world-wide.

Innovations combined with many years of experience - tradition and progress, in short - are the basis on which Blohm + Voss successfully constructs naval vessels. With the development of the modular MEKO system in the 70s completely new design concepts was set resulting in a fast international success. A total of 60 MEKO frigates and corvettes are at presently in service world-wide or are being built at Blohm + Voss or by consortium partners in Germany or at foreign shipyards under licence with material packages delivered by German and other European supplier companies.

As the lead yard of a consortium to build the three frigates of the class 124 Blohm + Voss delivered the first ship, the Sachsen, to the German procurement office in 2002. Both the F 123 and the F 124 class frigates have been built with all the features of the MEKO system. The construction program of five class 130 corvettes for the German Navy which presently is being prepared is also characterised by MEKO design features and Blohm + Voss again is the lead yard.

Blohm + Voss has also developed innovative designs for future warships, continuing its successful MEKO design concept of modularization and using innovations wherever appropriate as well as new systems from suppliers of propulsion plants, weapons and sensor technology. One result of this effort is the MEKO D (D = Delta), named after the innovative hull concept design with the maximum ship beam in the transom, providing favourable resistance behaviour over a greater speed range. The MEKO D features a modern redundant safety concept developed under the designation two-island concept, which ensures that in the event of damage the power supply, propulsion, steering, communication, etc. functions can be assumed by the other safety zone (safety island).

The MEKO D frigate, a multi-mission frigate of about 3500 t endlife full load displacement, is conceived as the ideal ship for dealing with crisis situations, providing coverage for expeditionary forces, and very capable of taking active part in coastal actions, while being focussed on improved AAW and ASW capabilities.

In 2003, the first of a series of four MEKO A-200 SAN type corvettes with considerably reduced radar, acoustic and IR signatures was handed over to South Africa. Two of these stealth corvettes are built in Hamburg and another two in Kiel by a consortium headed by Blohm + Voss. The Royal Malaysian Navy received the first two units of the first lot of six modern patrol vessels which have been built at Blohm + Voss. After extensive tests and trials, the MEKO 100 patrol vessels with a displacement of 1650 t will be commissioned in Malaysian waters.

Blohm + Voss at the Exhibition IMDEX UDT in Singapore, 11-14 November 2003