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CAE Awarded C-130J Subcontract (Nov. 5)

TAMPA, Fla. --- Lockheed Martin has been awarded a contract valued at up to US$287 million, if all options are exercised, to provide C-130J training systems and services to the U.S. Air Force. The Air Force recently exercised options totaling US$51.9 million to begin work immediately on new C-130J training systems.

Design and manufacture of the training systems has been subcontracted to CAE under Lockheed Martin’s C-130J Maintenance and Aircrew Training System (MATS) program. CAE will build four new aircrew trainers, three maintenance trainers, a loadmaster trainer, and provide operation and maintenance support. CAE will begin work immediately on a C-130J Weapon Systems Trainer (WST), a C-130J Flight Controls Trainer (FCT) and a C-130J Engine Propeller Trainer (EPT). The contract includes options to design two additional WSTs, a second EPT, a C-130J Integrated Crew Systems Trainer (ICST), and a C-130J Fuselage Trainer (FuT).

CAE also has responsibility to provide a range of training support services such as aircrew instruction, contractor logistics support, and engineering services.

The subcontracts to CAE are valued at more than US$100 million.

“The United States government has made a significant commitment to tactical airlift with the newest Hercules aircraft,” said John Lenyo, president and general manager, CAE USA. “We are committed to ensuring that the aircrews and maintainers of the aircraft are well-trained and mission-ready.”

This contract follows a multi-year C-130J aircraft acquisition award to Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company earlier this year, valued in excess of US$4 billion. Under that contract, the U.S. Air Force ordered 40 C-130J aircraft and the U.S. Marine Corps ordered 20 KC-130J tankers.

As prime contractor for the training systems, Lockheed Martin Information Systems has overall responsibility for program management, training equipment, spares procurement, and integration of training services. The contract will provide eight new trainers as well as training instruction and support to qualify and sustain the Air Force’s C-130J crew force through the year 2010.

“This expanded training contract will enable the Air Force to efficiently and effectively maximize its airlift capability,” said Steve Fleming, Lockheed Martin C-130 senior program manager. “Lockheed Martin is ready to support this critical military capability, demonstrating a whole systems approach to addressing customer requirements. Our training systems will fully prepare the war fighter to fly our aircraft and to support their ultimate goal of mission success.”

All of the new training systems will be delivered to either Little Rock Air Force Base (AFB) in Arkansas or Pope AFB in North Carolina.

CAE is already under contract from Lockheed Martin to design the following C-130J training devices for the USAF: two C-130J WSTs, one C-130J avionics systems management trainer (ASMT), one C-130J ICST, one C-130J cockpit procedures trainer (CPT), and one C-130J FuT. One WST has been delivered to Keesler AFB already. The other devices are currently undergoing final manufacturing, test and evaluation at CAE’s facility in Tampa, Florida, and will be delivered to Little Rock AFB by the end of 2004.

CAE is a leading provider of integrated training solutions and advanced simulation and controls technologies to military, civil aviation and marine customers. The company generates annual revenues in excess of C$1 billion and employs about 6,000 people in Canada, the United States and around the globe.

CAE Receives Subcontracts for Air Force C-130J Training