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BAE Upgrades Royal Navy HF Comms.(Aug. 30)

BAE SYSTEMS, through adoption of a partnering approach with the UK MoD Defence Procurement Agency (DPA), has achieved a significant milestone in the SR(S) 7392 High Frequency (HF) Broadcast multi-channelling equipment programme with the completion of the initial First Of Class (FOC) platform installations ahead of schedule.

The prime contract to satisfy the SR(S) 7392 project, awarded to BAE SYSTEMS in May 1998, enables the Royal Navy to increase broadcast traffic capacity using new equipment and existing HF assets. This improved capability is being achieved through the introduction of new digital hardware and software, including modems, time division multiplexers and intelligent message terminal (IMT) equipment. The IMT provides enhanced message handling and message management afloat for the broadcast system.

The company was appointed to oversee system design and to install First of Class equipment in UK shore sites and on RN vessels. Ultimately, all seagoing platforms, ranging from major warships through to Royal Fleet Auxiliaries (RFA's) and Mine Counter Measure Vessels (MCMV's), will be equipped under the project. Also included are shore-based elements including Broadcast Control Stations, System Control Points and transmitter stations throughout the UK and overseas.

A key element in the continued success of this programme is the full involvement and dedication of personnel within the DPA's new Strategic & Tactical Radio Systems (STRS) IPT, BAE SYSTEMS, as well as the commitment being shown by all interested communities ranging from end-users to trial teams and support personnel. This partnering has ensured that jointly agreed targets are being achieved and provides a sound basis for the success of the remaining programme activities.

In view of the success of the initial FOC installation activities, the schedule for completion of the full installation programme is being reviewed. This was originally targeted to end in 2008 but, under an accelerated fitting programme being developed by STRS and the Platform IPTs, the completion of the full installation programme is now being forecast to achieve the 'stretch' target of the end of 2004. This is achievable by introducing additional flexibility into the installation programme, allowing ships to be fitted during Assisted Maintenance Periods.

BAE SYSTEMS is seeking involvement in this accelerated fitting programme as well as other key HF communications programmes including SR(S) 7397 which will enhance the tactical element of HF systems afloat; and SR(D) 2024 which will provide a tri-service pan-defence HF communications service.


BAE Systems Successfully AchievesInstallation Of RN HF Broadcast System