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Alenia Exhibits At Dubai Air Show (Nov. 17)

Alenia Aeronautica, the largest Italian aerospace industry, attends the “Dubai Air Show” to be held in Dubai from the 7th to the 11th of December 2003.

The Italian Company has its own stand (East Hall – E200) where it exhibits the most representative models of its production; the tactical transport aircraft C-27J and the maritime patrol aircraft ATR- 42MP, derived from the regional transport aircraft ATR-42, which has had a great commercial success all over the world with about 700 units sold, including the ATR-72 version.

The presence in this Air Show is of paramount importance for the Finmeccanica’s company, thanks to several commercial opportunities envisaged in this geographical area.

--SAUDI ARABIA: The Royal Saudi Air Force has decided to renew its fleet of military transport aircraft with the purchase of 15 aircraft between 2003 and 2005. Alenia Aeronautica has already participated in the assessment process, by presenting the C-27J; this aircraft has made a flight test tour about two years ago. The mission, carried out in a high temperature environment, has represented a remarkable proof of the validity and the sturdiness of the C-27J, since all on-board systems, from propulsion to air-conditioning and cooling equipment, have been tested in critical conditions. Some Royal Saudi Arabia Air Force pilot officials, having made check flights piloting the C-27J themselves, have appreciated the excellent characteristics of the aircraft in hot and high temperature.

--UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: In this area Alenia Aeronautica has proposed to the Military Navy the ATR-72 ASW, a new version derived form the ATR 72/500, created for the requirement of a medium range and low cost aircraft capable of ASW missions.

Moreover, The United Arab Emirates have shown a high interest in the C-27J, which could become the most suitable solution to replace/integrate the current fleet of military transport aircraft (C-130 and IPTN) and for its utilisation in operations of troops, equipment and material transfer within the recent military collaboration agreement reached with the Gulf Operation Council.

--OMAN: Oman as well is interested in the replacement of the current military transport aircraft fleet. The C-27J, that has made a demo-tour in March 2002, has aroused a remarkable interest in the top management of the Military Air Force of Oman.

The Oman Royal Air Force has also confirmed its priority of acquiring maritime patrol aircraft. To this aim, in March 2002, Alenia Aeronautica has made a flight demo, achieving high interest, for the aircraft’s highly innovative capabilities.

--QATAR: The Qatar Emiri Air Force has been showing its interest for the acquisition of medium capability military transport aircraft. Alenia Aeronautica has already made several presentations, both with the G-222 and the C-27J. This latter, in particular, has aroused a great interest during the presentations made both to the Qatar Military Air Force and to the Defence Chief of Staff. The aircraft should be utilised within the Gulf Operation Council for the transfer of troops, material and special equipment from and to Europe.


--C-27J: The C-27J Spartan is the result of the international collaboration between Alenia Aeronautica and Lockheed Martin and uses the technology and experience acquired by the two companies in the military transport aircraft field (C-130, C-5, C-141 and G-222). In fact Alenia Aeronautica and Lockheed Martin have so far delivered over 2.400 military transport aircraft in more than 65 countries.

The C-27J is currently the most advanced programme of the new military tactical transport airlift generation.

The aircraft’s several capabilities are: troops, cargo and sanitary material transport, cargo and parachutists launches, maritime patrol, SAR (Search and Rescue) and fire fighting.

The C-27J is capable of taking off and landing from airstrips 500 meters long, with a maximum weight at the taking off phase of 31.800 kgs.; it may carry over 62 completely equipped soldiers or over 46 parachutists and, in the air ambulance version, 36 stretchers and 6 medical assistants.

The C-27J, now under full production, has been ordered by the Italian Military Air Force (12 units) and Greek (another 12). Recently the aircraft has carried out a demo-tour in the U.S. and in Canada where it has proved its remarkable performance and tactical capabilities. In the U.S., in particular, the C-27J is in pole position to replace the C-23 Sherpa – over 40 units – used so far for the transport of men and equipment for the National Guard. The C-27J is the “economically and technically most advantageous” answer to the need of renewing the Search and Rescue airlift fleet (the Buffalos and the C-130H) used by the Defence Department of the Ottawa Government, which could purchase 15 units of the Italian-U.S. airlift.

--ATR- 42 MP: The new ATR-42 MP (Maritime Patrol) of Alenia Aeronautica is a highly innovative aircraft, derived from the regional transport aircraft ATR-42 MP and is capable of many kinds of missions.

The airlift, in fact, can accomplish missions of maritime patrol (for vessels search and identification), SAR (Search and Rescue), fight against drug traffic, pirates, smugglers; intervention in case of ecological disasters (oil spills, chemical pollution), exclusive zone protection (fishing, off-shore minerals rights), pollution control.

Alenia Aeronautica is also responsible for the integration system of the aircraft. Two aircraft are already in force within the Italian Guardia di Finanza (Customs Police) that has recently signed an agreement for a third unit.

Two further ATR-42 MPs have been delivered to the Italian Coast Guard. All four aircraft are fully operational and in regular service. The ATR-42 MP is presently bidding in India. Other potential customers are countries such as Sweden, Brunei, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Pakistan.

--ATR-72 ASW: Alenia Aeronautica is also developing the ATR-72 ASW, a new version derived from the ATR-72/500, meant to meet the requirement of a medium range and low cost airlift capable of accomplishing ASW missions.

The ATR-72 ASW integrates ATR-42 Maritime Patrol mission system with the anti-submarine capabilities.

Alenia Aeronautica at the Dubai Air Show