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ARC To Provide Ramjet For Missile Target (Sept. 6)

GAINESVILLE, Va.---Atlantic Research Corporation (ARC) has been selected to develop and produce a ramjet engine to power the Supersonic Sea Skimming Target (SSST) for the US Navy.

The SSST System will provide the Navy with an affordable capability to meet early 21st century fleet training and weapons systems test requirements to simulate Anti-Ship Cruise Missiles.

The SSST missile target is being developed by the Naval Air Systems Command, Program Executive Office for Strike Weapons and Unmanned Aviation, located at Patuxent River, Maryland. Orbital Sciences Corporation is the missile prime contractor, and is supported by Raytheon for missile avionics, and ARC for propulsion. The ARC contract will cover a three-year development and flight-test program, and includes options for additional flight test engines and two years of production.

The SSST requirement entails extended flight at supersonic speeds at low altitude. This requirement can only be met using an airbreathing engine for propulsion. ARC has based the selected engine design on the solid ducted rocket ramjet. The engine uses a solid propellant to provide hot gas as the ramjet fuel. A valve is used to control the rate of fuel flow and engine thrust during flight. The SSST engine contract follows twenty years of successful ramjet development experience.

ARC, a unit of Sequa Corporation, is a leading developer and producer of solid propellant rocket motors, gas generators, advanced composite materials and liquid and electric propulsion systems for satellite station keeping out in space. ARC also produces automotive air bag inflators and supplies energetic components for the air bags from its high capacity propulsion plant in Camden, Arkansas.


ARC to Provide Ramjet Engine forOrbital Sciences Corporation/Navy Missile Target