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Bombardier Completes Europe, Mid-East Tour (Sept. 8)

Bombardier's 70-passenger CRJ700 Series regional jet and 68- to 78-passenger Q400 turboprop airliner have completed a successful demonstration tour of Europe and the Middle East.

Senior managers from 14 airlines in 10 countries were shown the CRJ700 and/or the Q400 during the tour, which commenced following the close of the 2000 Farnborough Air Show in the U.K. late in July. Both aircraft were on static display at the show.

The aircraft made stops in Germany, Sweden, Italy, Egypt, Israel, Malta, Spain, France and Austria.

The CRJ700 made 32 flights for a total of 43 flying hours during the tour. "Despite the pre-certification status of the CRJ700, the aircraft was very reliable," said Capt. Don Farion. "No major snags were recorded and the aircraft made all of its commitments on schedule."

Capt. Farion added, "All of the CRJ100 and 200 Series pilots from airlines visited on the tour transitioned to the CRJ700 with no training and had absolutely no problem flying the aircraft. They were also very complimentary to Bombardier for producing a much-improved aircraft while maintaining a high degree of commonality with the 50-seat version."

The strongest possible commonality with the CRJ100/200 Series was a key CRJ700 Series design philosophy and will result in common crew qualification, common training, support, systems, spares, ground support equipment, maintenance programs and maintenance equipment translating to substantial cost savings for operators.

The Q400's performance and the cabin comfort provided by the Noise and Vibration Suppression (NVS) system drew the most favorable comments during its 20 demonstration flights. As with the CRJ700, there were no technical problems with the aircraft and all flights were completed on schedule.

"We averaged 360 knots true airspeed at altitudes between 20,000 and 25,000 feet," said Bombardier Capt. Manny Garyfalakis. "The highest ground speed we saw was 415 knots (768 km/h). On a flight between two points on one airline's system, we beat the block time of a British Aerospace 146 jet." The Q400 routinely climbed from sea level to 25,000 feet in about 18 minutes with a full passenger load, he added.

The CRJ700, scheduled to enter airline service early in 2001, has a firm orderbook of 154 aircraft from 13 airlines. Conditional orders and options for 317 aircraft boost the program total to 471.

Nine airlines have placed firm orders for 67 Q400 aircraft, of which 11 are in revenue service. Conditional orders and options increase the Q400 program total to 104 aircraft.

Bombardier Aerospace, a unit of Bombardier Inc., is the leading business, regional and amphibious aircraft manufacturer. With full design and production capabilities in three countries, it offers the most comprehensive families of turboprop and regional jet aircraft and the widest range of business jets. It also provides the Flexjet fractional business aircraft ownership program, technical services, aircraft maintenance and pilot training for business, regional airline and military customers.


Bombardier Aerospace CRJ700, Q400 Airliners Welcomed On European Demo Tour