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Arrow Missile Intercepts Ballistic Target (Dec. 17)

Another test of the Arrow weapon system was conducted successfully today. This was the eleventh Arrow Interceptor test and the sixth test of the complete weapon system.

It was a routine development test as part of the ASIP program which is being jointly carried out by Israel and the U.S.A.

The test objectives were to demonstrate the system’s improved performance, including a higher altitude interception of an incoming target.

The target trajectory demonstrated an operational scenario against the state of Israel and all the system components performed in their operational configuration.

The target was air launched toward the Israeli shore. Working as in operational configuration, the Fire Control Radar (FCR) acquired the target and sent its data to the Battle Management Center (BMC). A defense plan was issued and a mission command sent to the launcher.

The interceptor performed successfully and the target was intercepted.

The program is managed by the Israeli Missile Defense Organization in close cooperation with the US Missile Defense Agency (MDA).

Israel Aircraft Industries / MLM is the prime contractor for the Arrow Weapon System.

The system consists of the Fire Control Radar (FCR – developed by Elta), the Battle Management Center (BMC – developed by Tadiran Systems), the Launcher Control Center (LCC – developed by MLM) and the operational launcher and interceptors (developed by MLM).

The target was a Black Sparrow, developed by Rafael.

The system is fully operational, operated by the Israeli Air Force.

The test’s success is a major step in the system operational improvements to deal with incoming ballistic missile threats.

Successful Test of Arrow Anti-missile Weapon System