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BMDO Comments Arrow Intercept Test (Sept. 25)

The Israel Ministry of Defense, in cooperation with the U.S. Ballistic Missile Defense Organization and the U.S. Army, conducted the second successful intercept of a target ballistic missile by the Arrow Weapon System (AWS) in Israel today at 5:00 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time.

This was the eighth overall Arrow 2 anti-tactical ballistic missile flight test. Initial data analysis indicates that the overwhelming majority of the test objectives were achieved. This is especially noteworthy, due to the fact that this was the first intercept for the AWS against a new air-launched, in-bound target called the Black Sparrow.

The Arrow interceptor took off and flew in a nominal trajectory, acquired the Black Sparrow target, then locked on and homed on the designated threat. The warhead was fused at the proper range and the Arrow interceptor destroyed the target.

The Green Pine fire control radar and the Citron Tree battle management center participated fully in the test, performing battle planning, launch operations, and up link/down link message applications, as well as post intercept verifications. Both assets worked according to plan and fulfilled all test objectives. Analysis of all data is underway to evaluate and confirm results. The United States and Israeli engineering teams are very satisfied with the preliminary test results.

The Arrow program is a joint U.S./Israel effort to develop a ballistic missile defense system for the State of Israel. The information gained from the program has application in several U.S. missile defense programs.

The Arrow program is a cooperative research and development program jointly conducted by the U.S. Ballistic Missile Defense Organization in Washington, DC, and the Israel Ministry of Defense in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The program is executed by the Israel Missile Defense Organization in Tel Aviv and the Army Program Executive Office for Air and Missile Defense, its Arrow Product Office in Huntsville, Al.

Israel Aircraft Industries is the prime contractor and manufactures the Arrow missile and Green Pine fire control radar. Tadiran Electronics in Holon, Israel, developed the Citron Tree battle management center. The Arrow's Infrared (IR) seeker was developed by Raytheon's IR Center of Excellence in Santa Barbara CA. Lockheed Martin manufactures the Arrow's radar seeker in Orlando, FL. Rafael Armament Development Authority, Haifa, Israel, developed the Black Sparrow air-launched target in a joint U.S./Israel cooperative effort.


Ballistic Missile Defense Organisation (BMDO) Comments Arrow Missile Intercept Test