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Bofors Bonus Demo Attracts 15 Countries (Sept. 25)

There is a tremendous international interest in the new intelligent 155 BONUS artillery shell from Bofors Defence of Sweden and GIAT Industries of France.

When BONUS was demo-fired for the first time, more than 100 representatives from 15 countries, including Sweden and France, were present. The demo-firings were held at the Bofors Test Center in Karlskoga on Tuesday September 19th.

Two BONUS shells were fired, resulting in two targets hit, which in this case were Main Battle Tanks. The result confirms the high performance of 155 BONUS, says Magnus Ingesson, President of Bofors Defence AB.

"We were expecting this good demonstration. BONUS is the result of exemplary co-operation between Swedish and French Industry. It satisfies the requirements defined by both Armies and will enable us to respond to other countries' needs," says Pierre-André Moreau, Executive Vice President of the Weapon and Ammunition Systems Division of GIAT Industries.

155 BONUS is a field artillery shell for combating targets such as Main Battle Tanks, artillery howitzers and other armoured vehicles. The shell is fired from long range to the target area, where its two submunitions are ejected. Each submunition then searches for targets and fires a projectile at the target detected.

BONUS has been developed jointly by the Swedish company Bofors Defence AB (ex-Bofors Weapon Systems) and the French company GIAT Industries.

Earlier this Summer, Bofors Defence AB and GIAT Industries were awarded the first contract for series production of BONUS, from the Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV) and its French equivalent Delegation Générale pour l´Armement (DGA).


More Than 100 Participants From 15 Countries View Demo Firings Of 155 BONUS