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Agusta Delivers First Production Koala (Sept. 25)

The A119 Koala made its commercial debut in Australia. The A119 has been delivered to the prominent Australian transport pioneer Mr. Lindsay Fox of LinFox Group Holdings. LinFox is utilising the A119 Koala for both corporate and private use with major passengers and logistics operations during the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.

The A119 has been developed to satisfy the requirements of those users that require the performance, space and comfort of a twin engine helicopter, but that do not have the necessity for two engines. When the operational requirement calls for a single turbine powered helicopter, when an operator must do more with less, no other helicopter provides the low cost and superior performance of the A119 Koala.

The A119 Koala is the most advanced, largest and fastest helicopter in its class, providing safety, high productivity and performance at a competitive price. The A119 Koala is suitable for aerial work, public utility and law enforcement missions as well as for some typical military roles as liaison, command and control, light utility, medical evacuation and flight training.

More than one year of production has been booked to date and deliveries to Venezuelan, Australian, Brazilian, UK, USA and Austrian customers are in progress.


Agusta DeliversThe FirstProduction A119 Koala To LinFox