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British Aerospace Launches Sampson Integrated Weapon System (SIWS)

;British Aerospace Defence Systems is launching a revolutionary new, fully scalable, anti-air warfare system for use by customers world-wide against 21st century naval threats.

;At the core of the system is British Aerospace's Sampson multi-function active phased-array radar, which has been selected for the Royal Navy's future air defence frigates.

;The new weapon system will provide high performance close area and ship air defence solutions for vessels as small as corvettes with Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile (ESSM) and full area defence capabilities for larger frigates and destroyers fitted with the SM-2 missile. In addition, the system offers a clear upgrade path to Theatre Ballistic Missile Defence (TBMD) systems.

;The SAMPSON Integrated Weapon System (SIWS), which is suitable for both new-build and retro-fit programmes, is based on a combination of world-class technologies created by industry leaders within a partnership led by British Aerospace Defence Systems.

;British Aerospace will supply its SAMPSON radar combined with advanced air warfare command and control technology. In addition, it will be responsible for overall project management and systems integration.

;British Aerospace Australia and CEA of Australia have partnered to develop the CEA-Mount active phased array target illuminator. Completing the ship fit is the weapon direction system (WDS) Mark 14 from Marconi Systems Technology.

;The SIWS solution offers low cost of initial procurement and through-life support, combined with minimal impact on vessel structure and ship services such as power and cooling. It also features low risk as all key elements have been proven in other world benchmark programmes, while providing a clear evolutionary path for performance enhancement, again capitalising on programmes funded elsewhere.


British Aerospace Launches Sampson Integrated Weapon System (SIWS)